Opel VAUXHALL C20LET C20XE turbo manifold T4 EFR8374 GTX3582R
March 1, 2020
Turbo Manifold T4 VW Golf Audi VR6 for gtx3582 s366
March 1, 2020
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Cosworth t4 turbo manifold


Cosworth turbo manifold for gtx3076r t4 single scroll.
Any type of wastegate flange is available tial and turbosmart 38, 40 , 44mm and 50mm v band or not v band flanges.
This are very trick 3.6 mm tubes and elbow.
Equal length
Can be done from stainless and mild steel.
The tubes and elbows are not welding seam.
Shot peening after the welding for residual stress layer and modify mechanical properties of metal.

The manifold come with 5 years warranty against cracking.

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